Généalogie et Histoire de la Caraïbe


The following abbreviations are commonly used in french genealogies and particularly in our bulletin.
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o (letter) : Birth or born (Sometimes °)
d : déclaration (date of certificate) b : baptism or baptised
x : Marriage or married
ax : First marriage; bx : Second marriage; cx : Third marriage
This notation is very usefull if you use "d'Abboville" numbering of descendents (Example: 1.2a.1 = the first child of the second child's first marriage of the oldest ancestor)
Sometimes is used also :
x : First marriage; xx : Second; xxx : Third
1/x : First mariage; 2/x : Second; 3/x : Third
* : illegitimate marriage or married. NB In 1958 the international convention was held in Brussels. At that time, certain standards were set for genealogy research and recording of data. This character * was defined as synonymous of o (born) but it is not used very often with this meaning.

)( : divorce or divorced
+ (sign plus) : death or dead
(+) : burial or buried

! : mention or mentioned (in an document)
? : doubtful, not sure (information)
generally this sign take place before the information concerned.

ca (latin : circa) : about
/<date> : before <date> (e.g. : /1996)
<date>/ : after <date> (e.g. : 1996/)
<date1>/<date2> : between <date1> and <date2> (and generally includes the dates)
General consideration about ages because a lot of people make the mistake : If I find a document dated 1996 which mentioned a man 30 years old that means he was born in 1966 (1996-30) or most often in 1965 ! Use of ca is useful in this case.

P : Father (latin : Pater)
M : Mother (latin : Mater)
p : godfather (parrain in french)
m : godmother (marraine in french)
fs (latin : filius) : son of
fa (latin : filia) : daughter
sa (sans alliance) : not married
sp (sans posterité) : without descendants

An other symbol which is possible easily on a typewriter and not so with
data processing is :
(+<BS>^) (the last symbol here is a carat symbol) Death (or dead) "au champs d'honneur" in french.
This signifies killed in action or a death that occurred in the service of one's country.
<BS> means Back space

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